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Refund Policy

All services are non-refundable except where explicitly stated in writing. Because our services are custom tailored to the specific needs of each customer, it is difficult to return money for work that has already been done. This is particularly so due to the intangible nature of the services rendered and lack of access to 3rd party platforms utilized during the course of service.

SEO Services, Expanded Details

Overview: It is important to note that despite Kipdo's best efforts any search engine optimization campaign always has a certain level of risk to it. Although the tactics and methods used at the time of the service being rendered may be working and in the client's best interest at that time Google can at any time change it's methodology for ranking a website and therefore Kipdo cannot be held liable if such changes occur.

Generally speaking there is no way for Kipdo to know if a given inbound link's source website has been penalized whether in part or in whole as this information is generally not published anywhere, particularly outside of the search engine companies internal records.

Kipdo is not responsible for loss of rankings, algorithmic or manually imposed search engine penalties. The client understand and accepts that any time search engine optimization services are performed there is always some level of risk both in potentially declining in search engine ranking position and or financial and or other material loss.

In rare cases a given website may not rank at all or may not be indexed in the search engines due to known or unknown reasons. Some potential causes for this include, but are not limited to: using a previously penalized domain name, inbound links coming from penalized sites, robots, meta, or other forms of search engine exclusion. In the event of this scenario occurring Kipdo is not liable for refunding any fees paid.

In the event of drop of ranking position(s) for keywords being targeted during an SEO campaign Kipdo shall not be held liable for damages nor shall any money paid up to the present date be deemed refundable. At the client's discretion they may elect to discontinue services if they have not signed up for a contracted term, but are not eligible for refund for previously paid service fees and any associated costs.

Because SEO orders typically start immediately after purchase once payment has been sent it cannot be refunded.

For more information on our refund policy as well as our client terms of service agreement, please click here.

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