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What is a Mutanagenic™ Web Site?

A Mutanagenic™ web site is a site that runs off a custom built template based web engine. Each system is built to be optimized for your specific needs. It can support insane amounts of modifications to each node or web site within your network. It also allows for granular control of variables and individual sites while simultaneously allowing you to perform mass updates across sites within the network and or to a particular group of sites. Each site within your network can either look very similar, some what similar, or have a drastically different appearance depending on your specific needs and wants.

Who is a Mutanagenic™ Web Site for?

This system is particularly useful for affiliates or businesses who want to cut development and web site management time to a fraction of what it would normally take to roll out unique templates and content. What used to take months to develop a mass scale networks can literally be done in a few minutes or couple of hours! Simply upload the engine to each domain, make a few tiny edits to the engine's configration file and the site will instantly build itself and go live with no further action required by you.

The Mutanagenic™ system is capable of supporting unique content, spun content, or hybrid combinations. Using a single engine you can launch dozens, hundreds, even thousands of website variants across your domains while only taking a few minutes to deploy to each node. Typically each node can be brought live in 1-10 minutes. For customers who are looking to take on entire niches or perform serial domination within a micro niche and take up multiple domain listings on the first page or even blanket multiple pages of search results this option may be right for you.

Blazing fast updates

Through the use of the template based system we drastically reduce the amount of code needed on a per web page basis while still giving you the full power of customization. Basically, we eliminate reduant code and strip pages down to only the bare necessity to give you the flexibility and power you desire.

Infinite Scaling Capability

Our system can push out rolling updates or expand to any number of nodes you desire. The level of mutations per engine can be continously expanded giving increasing amounts of unique code, text, and images as your network expands. Our system also supports adding of plugins, add ons, themes, and various element layout customizations, mutations, rotations, and data skewing. Simply place an include command and the updates are instantly live across the network or nodes of your choice.

Intelligent Design

Our system is self-aware. This means the system will properly map it's urls and site structure based on your commands. The system understand "who it is" relative to the rest of the nodes in the network. This is done to prevent an error free user experience. This way despite certain overlapping configurations the site knows it is not a different site within the network.

Ultra SEO Optimization

Our system comes 100% SEO friendly coded to flawless perfection. With the most bleeding edge of on-site optimizations applied. Our system can even support automated link placement and node level awareness automatically placing or building links within your content as you add new content. The system is designed to bend to your will. Your wishes are the systems command. New web pages can be added with almost no coding knowledge, but are flexible enough to handle custom page level optimizations on the individual node level. This means you can tweak a sub page on one site without effecting other sites within the network. Naturally, you can make these changes network wide or group wide if you'd like to. The choice is yours.

Behavior Based Web Site Adaptation

We can code your site to respond and self-optimize to meet your specific needs. This can be useful for optimizing the related links show, or the order of such links, or certain messages that are displayed to users who meet a certain set of behavior metrics.

GEO Optimization

Our advance techniques can even support page or site level GEO Optimization techniques, CSL (cross site linking) strategies, and page rank sculpting to ensure the pages that really matter the most get the most traffic. Believe it or not all of these techniques are Google friendly.

Features of a Mutanagenic™ Web Site are:

All of the features below can be done on a site by site basis, groups of sites within your network, or network wide. You can even make certain changes only effect certain nodes within the network while having other changes apply to as many sites as you want. Also, mutations can be applied at the node and page level or even sub elements of a given page across a network, single node, or multiple nodes. Mutations can be performed at a per user level, per visit level, or customized to any specific paramaters you wish.

  • Content mutations
  • Nested SpinTax
  • Per node leve URL structure alteration
  • Multi flie/url structure
  • Mobile and responsive design
  • User-Agent based customizations
  • Anti image signature matching
  • Anti duplicate text detection
  • Link Aggregator & Bot prevention
  • Bot detection & evasion measures

  • Anti-Competitor threat detection, analysis, and prevention capabilities.
  • Image to text & Text to image changes
  • Image & Text combination to form a single unit of text or an image
  • Randomized or controlled primary theme selection
  • Randomized or controlled CSS changes
  • Font color changing & swaping color order (partial, full, or hybrid options)
  • Item order changing
  • Color scheme skewing within defined ranges to avoid using an unsightly layout
  • Dynamic or Controlled URL variable and or parameter switching
  • Mutation failure prevention, if parameters are not met system can fall back to a default configuration keeping your site operating perfectly smoothly without error.

Ultra Tracking Support

Before you get concerned from the warning below Kipdo would like you to know that all Ultra Tracking capabilities are 100% optional. In most cases we can limit the extend of the tracking technology to bring it into compliance with the laws of the region(s) in which you do business. If we are unable to meet your needs we can simply exclude the features in their entirety. This includes, but it not limited to things like last octet of IP address anonymization prior to logging.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Although these "Ultra Tracking" features can be very useful and in most cases are lawful, for some customers the use of this highly advanced technology may be prohibited by law. This technology may possibly violate various data collection & retention, privacy, and or consumer protection laws of your country or region if used.

In theory through multiple levels and methods of tracking it may be possible to uniquely identify and tag individual users as well as persistantly track users even if the try to hide their origon or identity.

Please be advised that the use of some of the technology available below may also violate the terms of service of the 3rd party vendors.

As an example, pushing IP address data and traffic tagging is against Google Analytics terms of use and may result in termination of your account, loss of data, and possible legal ramifications.

We strongly advise discussing your data collection needs and concerns with us as well as an attorney to ensure your data collection practices are legal in your region and the regions you do business in.

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