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How we price our SEO Services

When it comes to pricing our SEO services basically what we do is, look at your keywords and domain (if you already have one). We will check where you stand against the competition and what it's going to take to rank you for your desired terms. We take into account your existing link profile and rankings when we calculate our pricing. No two campaigns we do use the same strategy.

How does Kipdo determine competition of keywords?

If you're used to using ratings by software like Traffic Travis, please throw everything you know about how to rate a keywords competition out the window. Their methods of determining keyword competition are a complete joke and are totally inaccurate when it comes to reality. Please note, we aren't just picking on traffic travis most automated methods for reviewing keywords are inaccuarte. Traffic Travis just happens to be one of the programs our customers frequently use to rate keyword difficulty.

Now that we've talked about the wrong way, let's take a minute to discuss how Kipdo does it the right way to ensure the most accurate pricing possible. Our process is as follows:

Other factors that effect pricing are:

At Kipdo we factor in what we call the "compounding effect" basically we calculate how many links we're going to have to build to rank each keyword. Now, as your domain grows in strength keywords naturally begin to rank easier. We take this into account with our pricing. As an example, a campaign that would be 1 keyword at a time at the rate of $300 per keyword when sone seperately, might be $800 instead of $900 when the keywords are done at the same time.

We don't do:

How fast can you rank me? What is the cost difference?

But Google says you can't guarentee #1 ...

Yes, that's true to some extend however, we are so confident with our skills and abilities that if you do our rush service we will back it with a 100% cash back refund...

Please keep in mind that Google's Matt Cutts also publically said that Press Releases don't effect search engine rankings. In addition to our firm disproving that claim months before he publically said anything on the subject of Press Releases, other firms which do SEO have since challenged his claim and proved him wrong as well.

As a consumer you should be aware that Google is constantly pumping out misleading information particularlly through their web master videos. In our experience, we've consistantly seen Google say "this won't work" and "that won't work" and the reality is, it's often not only works, but does a great job at getting your ranked.

Don't believe us, do some Google searching (some irony in saying that) and you'll fine dozens of online forums that talk about various webmaster videos that have said what works and doesn't only to be disproved by forum members or SEO companies.

PS: Did we mention we have a 100% success rate in meeting the Rush Deadline?

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