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Kipdo SEO Service Overview

Below we will outline how our SEO Service is done.

Phase 1: Initial Research

research 1

We will check the competition of your keywords and look at all the top competitors. This allows us to determine your odds at ranking in the top 3 on Google. It also allows us to establish an estimated time line to achieve the top 3 positions.

Phase 2: Extended Research

research 2

We will review the top 3 players for your keywords sometimes more if necessary. Then we determine their backlink volume, content volume, site architecture, and other metrics to identify what's working in your niche.

Phase 3: SEO Strategy


We will create an initial SEO plan for your campaign that can be modified on-demand for continual perfection of our optimization techniques.

Phase 4: Keyword Tracking


Before we begin any campaign we will load your keywords into our rank tracking software and monitor your rankings daily for changes and adapt our SEO strategy as needed.

Phase 5: SEO Implementation


We will create social signals, content, backlinks, and citations where appropriate in an amount that we determine will help get the end result we're looking for. There's no magic number and we modify the ratios of what we do to fit your unique situation.

Phase 6: Monitoring SEO


We will monitor your site's rankings along with what we're doing for you or your business and make any changes necessary. We routinely change what we're doing to stay ahead of the latest algorithm changes, but we also react to any algorithm changes.

Phase 7: Reporting


We will deliver a monthly ranking report to you so you know where you stand in Google and while we can't guarantee your rankings on a specific date we can provide you with an estimate upon request of where we'll think you'll be by a given date.

Phase 8: Conversion Rate Optimization


Upon request we will review your website and give you advice on what we think can be done to your website or marketing strategy as well as what technologies you can be using to enhance your online success

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