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Pay Per Click Management

One of the greatest mistakes a business can make is to attempt to manage their own pay per click advertising. Although Programs such as Google Adwords are supposedly "User-Friendly" they are still so complicated that entire books are written on each one of the features. Performing a successful campaign requires an in-depth knowledge on how search engine advertising works. As a result many businesses never realize their full potential. When companies try to run their own search and web marketing campaigns, the returns are usually less than or barely over the cost of advertising. It is all too often that companies look at web marketing as the cheap alternative to more traditional advertising.

While search engine advertising is often far more cost effective than media or print advertising, it requires no less expertise than a TV commercial used at the Super Bowl. No reasonable company would try to cut costs by filming and directing their own commercial, similarly web marketing should be handled by professionals.

When you hire a company for pay per click management, you get years of experience and knowledgeable staff behind your campaign. At Kipdo we have been at the top of online advertising for years, and we know exactly how to keep your pay per click advertising profitable. As search engine technology advances each year, we stay ahead of the changes, and our services evolve to match the industries demands.

International ad campaign management

Kipdo has experience running ads in the United States of America, Australia, France, United Kingdom, and other countries.

Ad networks we've worked with

We have experience managing accounts with: Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, 7Search, Miva, AdBrite, Yahoo (now Microsoft AdCenter), Bidvertiser, and more. Additionally, we have also managed accounts in English, French, and are open to other languages upon request.

Online ad retargeting

Kipdo has experience with the following industry leaders in Ad Retargeting:

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I can't say enough about Kipdo. Our company had struggled with marketing for months after we launched, but in just a few weeks of working with Kipdo we were making sales and have been ever since.

Derrick A.
Marketing Director

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