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  • Dedicated account manager
  • No hidden fees
  • Bi-Hourly Rank Reporting 24/7
  • Varied link types

  • Phone, Email, Live Chat support
  • No long term commitments required
  • On demand campaign scalability
  • On site & Off site optimization

Our Guarantee


We guarantee you'll see positive search engine improvement on at least one of your keywords within 60 days or we'll keep working on your campaign free of charge until you see positive movement on one or more of your keywords. Terms & Conditions apply.

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How does Search Engine Optimization Work?

There are two primary factors that effect whether or not you'll rank in Google and other search engines. These two factors are relevance and authority.

  • Relevance deals with whether or not the pages on your website reflect a common overall theme that portrays what your site is about.

    For example, if you run a coffee shop then you might have pages about the beans you use, a menu, how you process your coffee beans, general store information, company FAQ, etc.

    If you're running a coffee shop you should generally speaking not have pages about automobiles or other items off focus.

    However, for some sites this may be okay such as an ecommerce website that covers a wide range of products. In the case of an ecommerce site your general theme might be "shopping".

  • Authority, this is gained by other web sites on the internet linking to you. What matters here is both the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site.

    These are collectively known as "backlinks". It is important to note that purely relying on volume of links is almost alwyas a bad strategy.

    Links pointing to your site need to have topical relevance in order to be effective for long term SEO.

Our SEO technology has been featured on:

  • money-watch
  • sanfran
  • yahoo-final

How much does our service cost?

The cost of every campaign is unique as each client's requirements vary. Pricing is based on the competition of your keywords and other factors. To find out more about how we price, click here.

Our Process

At Kipdo we pride ourselves in having an outstanding team of Professional Search Engine Marketing Experts, who will gladly assist you with your need for increased and consistent traffic flows that are necessary to succeed online. When doing work for clients and ourselves we focus on using "White Hat" SEO techniques which are geared towards longer lasting results.

easy as 1, 2, 3

Get your SEO campaign started fast and easy with Kipdo

All we need from you to get started in most cases is the keyword(s) that you would like to rank for and your website URL. Our link building strategies are so powerful that 19/20 of our clients do not require any on-site SEO or changes to their existing website! However, if during our review of your web site we discover elements of your site that need to be optimized we will inform you and help you to ensure maximum results.

Our Technology

Stop competitors from analyzing your SEO strategy with AI LINK GUARDIAN®

With AI Link Guardian® you have the unique ability to hide the source of where your backlinks originate from. To learn more about this unique service exclusively from Kipdo click here.

Does your SEO firm use APM Technology? Kipdo sure does, we invented it!

anti-pattern-matching technology

Kipdo has developed Anti-Pattern Matching technology in house to increase the difficulty of active & post analysis of our client's seo campaigns. Additionally, this technology also helps to create more natural looking seo campaigns. Click here to learn more about this innovative technology and how it can improve the performance of your SEO campaign.

Need more information?

General SEO Information

You may want to try our SEO FAQ for quick answers to common questions.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as "SEO" is a process which is designed to help your website rank in the natural search results. Every day millons of potential customers are browsing the web with the goal of buying a product or service. In order to increase branding and awareness companies utilize SEO to help gain more exposure in the search engines.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic search results simply refers to the non-paid area of search results pages. Organic SEO is primarily accomplished by using a complex set of link building techniques which ultimately help to drive non-paid search traffic.

More about Organic SEO

Click here if you would like to learn more about Organic Search Engine Optimization or to learn how we do Organic SEO.

Niche & Regional SEO

You can also check out our niche seo information or you can learn about our seo services by state. Additionally, we now offer SEO Consulting Services.


I can't say enough about Kipdo. Our company had struggled with marketing for months after we launched, but in just a few weeks of working with Kipdo we were making sales and have been ever since.

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