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AI Link Guardian®

Stop Competitors Now!

AI Link Guardian® is a service unique to Kipdo. Through the use of real time artificial intelligence, intelligent algorithms, and cloud based IP blacklisting, this service allows clients to have links produced to their domain(s) without risking exposing their link profile to competitors. Link aggregators such as Majestic SEO, AHREFS, Open Site Explorer, and other similar services are blocked numerous ways from crawling our re-routing domains. Our predictive technology is also designed to look for potential threats ahead of time and has built in self defense mechanisms to prevent your links from being exposed to unwanted parties.

Example uses of AI Link Guardian®

Some of AI Link Guardian's® features:

Basic Q&A

Q: Will this service block search engine spiders like Google Bot?
A: No. Real search bots will have no trouble crawling links using AI Link Guardian.

Q: Does this service Violate Google Web Master guidelines?
A: Yes & No. Google's policy is semi-unclear as we aren't really cloaking links here, we are preventing human competitors. We believe Google's main issue with similar methods is when you are showing human users vs. Google Bot different content with explicit intent to deceive their search algorithm. Our objective is not to trick the search engines with this service, rather it is to protect your investment.

Q: What is "Link Ghosting" and why do you call it that?
A: Link Ghosting is basically making link paths invisible to humans (and or bad bots).

Example Link Path
By blocking humans and bad bots from being able to Crawl through AI Link Guardian domains, we are essentially breaking the path so you cannot prove one way or another where the AI Link Guardian link is linking to.

Cross Product Compatibility

AI Link Guardian® is fully cross compatible with the following other services from Kipdo. This means all products listed below can be used together, separately, and are also safe to use simultaneously:

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