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MANIS™ Technology

Manipulate Search

MANIS™ Overview

Perhaps one of the most powerful SEO Technologies of its time, MANIS™ is unparalleled search engine optimization technology that allows you to alter the following:

    • What related searches show for your desired keywords
    • Keyword search volume
    • What auto-suggest results show for your desired keywords
    • Google Analytics bounce rate.
      (MANIS can be combined with our Google Analytics Booster script for enhanced results)
    • Proven to positively improve your search engine rankings
      (in Google, Bing & Yahoo are currently being tested)
    • Has shown some potential to re-index, de-indexed keywords from algorithmic penalties*

How does MANIS™ work?

MANIS™ works by influencing key signals search engines like Google use to rank sites. Picture a pipe line with a hole in the top, allowing data to be injected. Now, at the end of the pipe line the search engine receives the data collectively called "signals".

MANIS™ basically injects data into this pipeline appearing to come from the real source. Consequently, when search engines include this data into their algorithms the various forms of search results are altered from how they might otherwise be without this additional data. In the case of MANIS™ the result is a positive gain or positive net outcome.

Should I still build links and content?

Although it is technologically possible to rank using MANIS™ alone, it's important to understand that search rankings are made up of many factors, we recommend MANIS™ as a compliment to your overall SEO campaign or for accelerating results, not as a complete solution. Ultimately, beating search engine algorithms is much like putting a tough puzzle together. You must not only have all the pieces, but put them together properly in order to get the desired end result.

Why does MANIS™ work?

Search engines are constantly looking for new ways to rank websites in a more effective manner than just using backlinks, content, and HTML tags. MANIS™ leverages this fact and effectively uses this as yet another means to accomplishing the end goal.

With many years of search engine optimization experience, hundreds of test bed domains, extensive research Kipdo has successfully been able to identify key areas of influence and discovered effective ways to influence the various metrics & signals used by search engines in their ranking algorithms.

Cross Product Compatibility

MANIS™ is fully cross compatible with the following other services from Kipdo. This means all products listed below can be used together, separately, and are also safe to use simultaneously:

If you would like to learn more about how this service works, its uses, or have any general questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call or email by visiting our contact page or checkout our other innovative search engine technology.

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